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Change Your Life!

Think It, Believe It, Achieve It!

Mindset is everything. Change happens when we take action and action is a result of our belief in our ability to achieve anything. We are with you every step of the way through your transformation. 

We Are What We Eat!

What we put in our bodies shows in everything we are. Our mind, body, and spirit reflect how clean or dirty the food (fuel) is that we put into our bodies. We teach you how and what to eat by teaching you how to create customized, individualized meal plans that fit your life style and specific nutritional needs.

Work Out And Take Care Of Your Body!

How we care for our bodies determines  our quality of living over time. We create individualized, customized workout and cardio plans and provide information regarding  the use of essential oils for preventative and personal care needs. 

Coach Debbie's Transformation

My Transformation Began September 2016

 At my heaviest point 265lbs. 

My Progress To Date: May 14, 2017

Loss of 47 lbs. and 48 inches. Huge gain in strength and endurance. Age 51. Current weight 218 lbs.

Ultimate Goal: Date Open

I will drop 110 lbs and I will sculpt my body to an athletic, toned,  fit state. Compete professionally, no! Look like I do, YES!  Goal weight: 155 lbs.

Coach Debbie's Blog

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